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If you’re looking for the best 5 star hotel in Ixtapa Mexico, look no further; in Pacífica you will find a breathtaking vacation complex.

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There are many hotels and vacations complexes in town, but if you want simply the best 5 star hotel in Ixtapa Mexico, Pacífica is the answer. We are a massive 194 suite complex by the beach with thousands of amenities and lovely architecture to make your stay in Ixtapa as luxurious as possible.

You will not regret choosing Pacífica for your next vacation or getaway, we have one of the most respected restaurants in town and we offer all inclusive options to make your vacations a relaxing, hassle-free experience every time you visit us. Read on about our services and amenities and see for yourself, we are the best 5 star hotel in Ixtapa Mexico. Contact us today to know more. images/habitacion_1.6.jpg

In the best 5 star hotel in Ixtapa Mexico you will find 7 different restaurant options, like the world-famous El Faro with its international cuisine overlooking the beach; or María Bonita, a lovely terrace with bay views and amazing Mexican food. For the younger ones, Magic Jungle is an unforgettable experience of local wildlife and all-around fun throughout the year images/restaurantes_1.2.jpg

The Spa in our 5 star hotel in Ixtapa Mexico and beauty salon offers a luxurious and relaxing experience for both women and men with massages, facials and many other alternatives with only the newest treatments available. We offer a vast array of other activities like yoga, aquaerobics and dance lessons in the beach club. The fun never stops at Pacífica, come see for yourself. images/habitacion_1.2.jpg


corchete_izqWorld-class service, a variety of pools, hundreds of suites and even a cable car, you won’t find another vacation complex like this in the country.corchete_der


corchete_izqCome see the most scenic views of the Ixtapa Bay while you enjoy our nightly shows or dine in the romantic and modern Moon Bar.corchete_der


corchete_izqYou will love the Pacífica Aqua selection of rooms; comfortable, luxurious and overlooking the ocean; a true paradise for you and your family.corchete_der



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    Ixtapa is a Nahuatl name that comes from Iztal roots meaning "salt" or "white" and the word "pa" which means "on", so the name can be loosely translated as "the place that has white on top." The urban development of Ixtapa began with funding obtained from the World Bank in 1972. Officially, the resort development was launched in 1974. The Ixtapa development, through its many real estate projects, has become one of the top beach destinations preferred by visitors both domestic and foreign. Come enjoy our 5 star hotel in Ixtapa Mexico, you will love it.
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    The wonders of our 5 star hotel in Ixtapa Mexico as amazing as they are, they are not the only thing to see in town. In nearby Zihuatanejo, you’ll always find a good spot on the beach, near one of the many small restaurants and find a free table with an umbrella, while the children play and you admire the colors of the beach. The view will only be interrupted from time to time by the striking image of a cruise from the port, or by those who soar through the air on parachute.
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    In Pacífica, the best 5 star hotel in Ixtapa Mexico, you will find a great variety of suites to choose from. The Pacífica Aqua rooms offer occupation for up to 10 people, terraces and a mini pool. Imagine bringing your family to Pacífica and enjoying the sumptuous Master Aqua Penthouse with its 1,937 ft2 of luxury. If you’re looking for a golf vacation, there is no better choice than the Pacífica Golf suites; with two different options with a terrace and of course scenic views of, and easy access to, the “El Palmar” golf course.
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