Ixtapa Breachfront Resort for Family Vacations

Ixtapa breachfront resort with great suites, golf, children’s activities, and many other amenities for the best family vacations in Mexico.

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If you want the perfect blend of luxury and adventure, there is no other choice than Pacífica, the best Ixtapa breachfront resort for family vacations. There are countless options for an unforgettable holiday in our country, but only with us will you find such luxurious services like golf, transportation, beach club and so much more.

We offer first-class amenities such as access to the Palma Real golf course, a spa, private beaches and much more for the best vacation possible. Pacífica Resort is the best Ixtapa breachfront resort for family vacations, come see for yourself all that we can do for you in any of our 194 suites. images/familiar_1.1.jpg

For the children, we have the Magic Jungle, where they will spend a great time in our mini zoo, and they can even go diving and snorkeling safely in our pools, among many other activities, always completely supervised. Enjoy a romantic getaway at our Ixtapa breachfront resort for family vacations; we invite you to our famous spa where you can enjoy fantastic body wraps, couples massages and salon services for the whole family. images/familiar_1.2.jpg

With us find you will find packages, deals and discounts throughout the year, whether you are looking for a golf getaway or an entire month away from home; when staying at Pacífica Resort , the best Ixtapa breachfront resort for family vacations, you will discover what it is to travel in luxury. Contact us to today to know the different options we have for you and your family. images/familiar_1.3.jpg


corchete_izqYou can’t believe all that you will find in Ixtapa -Zihuatanejo and its surroundings; Contact us today to learn the different options we have for you.corchete_der


corchete_izqWithin our resort, you'll find plenty of activities for the whole family; but also we offer transportation services to the many attractions of the city.corchete_der


corchete_izqIn our website you can find all the different suite options in Pacífica Resort; we know that you will fall in love with our amazing amenities.corchete_der



  • Attractions See

    Nearby you’ll find an island called Isla Ixtapa, with a choice of beaches to choose from, and the best place for water sports in the city. Playa Las Gatas is definitely the best diving destination in Ixtapa. Come and enjoy some of the most beautiful beaches in our country with our Ixtapa breachfront resort for family vacations; another activity that you can’t miss is a visit to Delfiniti, where you can swim with dolphins or watch them in a show.
  • Our Amenities See

    A trip on our cable car is definitely an experience you can’t miss during your visit, with the best views of Ixtapa and its bay, a very romantic and fun time. Enjoy our peaceful Ixtapa breachfront resort for family vacations; we offer nightly entertainment throughout the year, and in our beach club you can take yoga classes, excursions and more. Our restaurant El Faro is one of the most famous of the city, the perfect place with spectacular views of the bay of Ixtapa- Zihuatanejo.
  • Lovely suites See

    For those who seek some sports during their vacation, we offer the Pacífica Golf suites, with easy access and panoramic views of the Palma Real course, as well as hot tubs and pools in most of the terraces. We are the best Ixtapa breachfront resort for family vacations, we offer some of the most luxurious and spacious rooms in the city; Pacífica Sands is a great example, rooms overlooking the bay with various terraces and a mini pool.
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