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All Inclusive honeymoon deals, offers, discounts and packages in Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo in the most amazing resort with terraced suites, different pools, parachuting and more.

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Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo is a modern holiday village with excellent climate in the state of Guerrero and Pacífica offers a variety of All Inclusive honeymoon deals in Ixtapa for an amazing holiday in this lovely destinations, with some of the most tranquil and picturesque beaches in the country, and even an island that you can visit.

In our huge resort with All Inclusive honeymoon deals in Ixtapa, you'll find El Faro, one of the most popular restaurants in town. Here you’ll find a spa with services for the entire family, a mini petting zoo and activities for everyone year-round to always offer a luxurious, relaxing and enjoyable stay. images/bodas_1.3.jpg') ?>

While staying in Pacífica with our All Inclusive honeymoon deals in Ixtapa, on one of your next visits your kids can enjoy Magic Jungle, a place where they can experience for themselves what we have to offer in Pacífica Resort, as tours, a mini tropical zoo, theater classes and supervised underwater sports in the safety of our pools. images/bodas_1.2.jpg') ?>

Check with your loved one our All Inclusive honeymoon deals in Ixtapa and all that Pacífica Resort has for you; we assure a vacation like no other. If you want a memorable and full of luxury vacation for you, We have the best packages and offers year-round, to offer options to allow you to visit as frequently as you want. images/bodas_2.2.jpg') ?>

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corchete_izqIn Ixtapa you will find cinemas, shopping centers, museums, and dozens of beaches, clubs, dive schools and many other water sports options.corchete_der

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corchete_izqZihuatanejo and the surrounding areas have many secrets to discover; upon arrival at Pacífica, we can recommend some of the places you shouldn’t miss.corchete_der

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corchete_izqExplore our site to discover all the different options we offer; we know you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for among our 194 suites.corchete_der



  • Lovely Ixtapa See

    Enjoy our All Inclusive honeymoon deals in Ixtapa and don’t miss some of the attractions to be found here, a very modern destination that was developed to take advantage of the amazing area where warm weather is year-round. Ixtapa is a paradise, with easy access to restaurants and boutiques and a nightlife like no other in the country. Contact us today to know more about our services and the nearby attractions.
  • Nearby Zihuatanejo See

    Some of the most popular restaurants of the state are found in the area of Zihuatanejo; you just have to try the traditional local food. The village, less than 50 years ago, used to be a remote fishing village that over time has become itself a tourist destination, it still retains the quaint charm of the past decades, and you can see it all with our All Inclusive honeymoon deals in Ixtapa.
  • Our Suites See

    We offer simply the best in All Inclusive honeymoon deals in Ixtapa; we recommend any of our Sands suites, with occupancy for up to 6 people, a big jacuzzi on the terrace , a kitchen and of course, all the other amenities of Pacífica Resort Ixtapa. The luxurious Imperial Sands Suite Plus is a huge two story room with jacuzzi and a terrace with the absolutely the best views of the Bay. If you want a bit of golf on your vacation, the Pacífica Golf suites are the best option; with occupancy of up to 8 people and a mini pool on the terrace, with direct access to the golf course of Palma Real, for your convenience.
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