BEWARE OF FRAUD!! Be careful with unusual offers or calls. Learn more by clicking here.

Dear members and visitors:

In these times of pandemic, there have been emerging more companies and individuals who try to take advantage of people. Timeshare industry is no exception: we have noticed that malicious people have registered the domains and in order to impersonate us and send you information that does not come from our company.

They have copied and placed our telephone numbers in their fake materials and even duplicated the welcome recording we have been using on our telephone numbers for a long time. Their creativity is wide but their only purpose is to defraud our customers and customers from other companies of our industry by offering purchases, rentals and more. They offer things "that seem unbelievable". People who accept end up "just paying a deposit" or renting air.

If you receive any information from or, we kindly ask you to please ignore it and notify us immediately at

We also want to remind you that Pacifica does not have a financial address that helps you to sell your unused weeks with external brokers nor encourages the sale of your weeks for shares.

The safety of your data is very important to us. As an industry, we continue to work intensively both internally as with our service providers that may have your data (for instance: exchange companies) in order to keep them safe.

Therefore, we ask you to please ignore offers that do not make sense or sound "too good to be true".

We remind you that our only official communication channels are:

Free Telephones:

800 221 5830
800 711 1934

800 836 8277
800 841 1778

Authorized Call Centers:

(55) 4160 9000
(55) 4160 9003
(55) 4162 8100
(55) 4160 9006
(442) 6903 333

(55) 4160 9216
(55) 4160 9007
(55) 4160-9004
(443) 9800 500

Owners Referals:

(55) 4160 9007

(55) 4160 9228

Ixtapa - Zihuatanejo:

(755) 555 2500

Official Website:

Email official domains:

Neither Pacífica Resort Ixtapa or Pacífica Grand Zihuatanejo will ever send emails, SMS or calls asking:

1. Your personal membership data.

2. Personal data confirmation by web links or downloads..

3. Company Stock Sales.

4. Membershio lending or sales, nor payment in any of this transactions.

5. Sharing your data with other companies or brokers.

We are taking legal actions to protect you from this schemes and will continue to take measures to protect your personal information.

Greetings from your own piece of Paradise,
Customer Service Department