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The best resort hotel with luxury timeshare options in Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo, Mexico with luxury suites, golf, different restaurants and pools.

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Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo is a wonderful resort town in Pacific Coast of the state of Guerrero, with some of the best beaches in all of Mexico. If you're looking for an affordable luxury timeshare in Ixtapa Mexico, look no further; Pacífica Resort Ixtapa offers a great range of suites to choose from for the holiday you and your family are looking for.

In our huge resort you’ll find one of the best restaurants in town, as well as a world-class spa and salon for the whole family, a supervised tropical zoo and a vast array of activities throughout the year to make your family’s stay in Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo as luxurious, relaxing and fun as possible. Besides offering affordable options in luxury timeshare in Ixtapa Mexico, we have some of the most luxurious suites and amenities in the city. images/playa_1.2.jpg') ?>

Among the many things to see and do in the massive vacation complex that is Pacífica, you’ll find the Magic Jungle, a place where children can experience everything we have to offer for the best vacations ever, such as tours, a tropical zoo, nightly shows, as well as safe and supervised snorkeling and diving lessons in our pools. Our luxury timeshare in Ixtapa Mexico is waiting for you and your family; contact us today to know more. images/habitacion_1.4.jpg') ?>

If you're looking for a holiday with a little bit of sport, when you stay with us you can enjoy the nearby golf course Palma Real by the sea. Come and see all that Pacífica Resort has to offer, we assure you will always find with us an unforgettable vacation, event or romantic getaway. Come enjoy the town with us and our luxury timeshare in Ixtapa Mexico, you'll not regret it. images/restaurantes_2.3.jpg') ?>

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corchete_izqA wide range of luxury amenities waits for you and our family in the best hotel resort in Ixtapa, come experience what we have prepared for you.corchete_der

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corchete_izqA massive resort in Ixtapa with a wide range of amenities and activities for the whole family to enjoy. Come see for yourself why we are your number one choice in town.corchete_der

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corchete_izqYour family can enjoy all of their holidays in our suites with pool or jacuzzi and striking ocean views; you can come back whenever you want with our timeshare services!corchete_der



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    When you travel to the best luxury timeshare in Ixtapa Mexico, you have to see some of the great attractions to be found in this famous destination; Ixtapa is a very modern world-class resort town that was created in the seventies, in order to take advantage of the beautiful area of the Mexican Pacific. It is a haven of modern luxury, with many trendy restaurants and luxury boutiques to be found along Playa El Palmar, everything in Ixtapa is within walking distance, but we also offer safe transportation services for you.
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    Our picturesque sister town of Zihuatanejo, a long time ago, used to be a tiny fishing village that has evolved, over time, as a famous tourist destination full of romance and simplicity that still retains the charm of the old Mexican village. Many of the best regarded restaurants in the state of Guerrero are located in Zihuatanejo; but, the local cuisine is one of the best discoveries you can enjoy, not to be missed. We offer great options in luxury timeshare in Ixtapa Mexico, and we also have transportation services that will take you to Zihuatanejo and back, a trip not to be missed.
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    Staying in Pacífica Resort, you have the opportunity to enjoy the Sands selection of suites, offering accommodations for up to 6 people, all of them with a jacuzzi on the terrace, a kitchen and all of the amenities you would expect when staying with us. Or how about the Imperial Sands Plus suite? A huge room with capacity for a whopping 16 people, divided into two floors, also with its own jacuzzi and a stunning terrace overlooking the Pacific Ocean. For more of a golf experience, the Pacífica Golf selection of suites is the best alternative. Contact us today to learn more about the best luxury timeshare in Ixtapa Mexico.
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