Timeshare Resort with Golf Course in Ixtapa

The best hotel resort with timeshare options, golf course access, luxury suites, private beach and many other amenities in Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo, Mexico.

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Come and enjoy the beautiful town of Ixtapa with our luxury holiday resort that offers all the amenities you can imagine, like golf, a first-class spa, and even a cable car! Come and enjoy the best timeshare resort with golf course in Ixtapa plus one of our 7 different restaurants, including the famous El Faro, one of the most popular in the city.

Our 194 suites are waiting for you and your family, come and discover all that Pacífica Resort has to offer and explore the wonderful city of Ixtapa, one of the most beautiful destinations to be found in Mexico. Continue reading or explore our website to see for yourself all we have for you in our timeshare resort with golf course in Ixtapa. images/golf_2.3.jpg') ?>

If you're looking for a golf break, with us you will have access to the Palma Real golf course, a beautiful seaside field approved by the USGA. On our beach club you’ll find some classes like yoga or aquaerobics, for the more adventurous guests we offer snorkeling and scuba diving and even parachuting, you'll love it. Come and enjoy our timeshare resort with golf course in Ixtapa at any time of year, you'll not regret it. images/golf_2.2.jpg') ?>

You just won’t believe all that Pacífica Resort has to offer to you and your family, such as our Magic Jungle for the younger visitors. Here they can dive safely and snorkel in one of our pools, take theater and dance classes, discover our supervised tropical zoo and much, much more on the best timeshare resort with golf course in Ixtapa. images/golf_2.1.jpg') ?>

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corchete_izqNo other resort in Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo offers in one place access to a golf course, a private beach, a world-class spa and luxurious suites for a whole family.corchete_der

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corchete_izqWe invite you to explore all that can be found at Pacífica Resort, serving uninterrupted luxury throughout the year for you and your family to enjoy at very affordable prices.corchete_der

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corchete_izqYou will not find this many amenities at any other resort in the country; we are definitely your best choice in Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo.corchete_der



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    When visiting Pacífica Resort, we invite you to explore the wonderful area of Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo; besides the many beaches, there are other great activities and attractions for the enterprising adventurer as well as for the less energetic guests. If you enjoy hiking, sailing, skiing, snorkeling, fishing or just admiring the local tropical wildlife, then you will love Isla Ixtapa, but at our timeshare resort with golf course in Ixtapa you can also find a taste of these attractions, explore our website to know more.
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    Take advantage of our timeshare resort with golf course in Ixtapa during any season, you will enjoy the same uninterrupted activities, amenities and services, as well as something and new to do in the city, regardless of the season. An excursion you will definitely enjoy is a walk to the lighthouse at Playa Las Gatas. If you reach the back of the beach you will find the traditional Las Gatas Beach Club, where a large palapa is expecting you for a rest. There you can ask for directions to the trail that leads to the lighthouse, a picture here is a must.
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    Among the 194 different suites at this amazing timeshare resort with golf course in Ixtapa, you’ll find the selection of Pacífica Golf rooms, ideal for those seeking a bit of a golf vacation or a quick getaway, since they offer easy access to the Palma Real course by the sea, as well as panoramic views. The Junior Sands are ideal suites for small families, with terraces overlooking the bay of Ixtapa, a jacuzzi and occupancy of up to 6 people. If you’re bringing everyone, why not do it in full luxury? We also offer gorgeous penthouse for big families with expansive terraces and mini pools.
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